Boat trips from Krk

This city of history and culture, Krk, is a seaside town. Unlike some other historical places on the island such as Vrbnik or Dobrinj, its connection to the sea is very close. There is a maritime history to discover here. In the “Mala Barka” Interpretation Centre, visitors have a unique opportunity to learn about it and to find some funny curiosities. “Mala Barka” means “little boat” and it’s more than just an interpretation centre; it’s instead a gallery with a lot of explanation and stories….Continue Reading “That Little Boat”

Castle Krk Story

Summer holidays are a great time to learn some fun facts. Let us introduce you to the lesser-known Krk. 1. The city of Krk is more than 3000 years old. It existed before the Roman Empire conquered the territories that include the island of Krk. Curiously, it was a big metropolis back then, one of the most important urban centres of the entire region. The Romans called the city “Splendidissima civitas Curictarum” obviously meaning “the Splendid city of Krk”. 2. But why is it called…Continue Reading “7 things you may not know about Krk”

Instagrammable Moments Krk Story

This is a tailor-made article for everyone who can’t wait to be in the town of Krk. However, those who are active users of Instagram will absolutely love reading this. They are usually the kind of people who use Instagram as a private photo album, where they store their favourite memories. This is an article about Instagrammable moments in Krk. While many holidaymakers who come to Krk already know the most beautiful places or moments in the town, many may «struggle» to find what they…Continue Reading “9 of the Most Instagrammable Moments in Krk”

Semi Submarines - Underwater World Discovery, Krk Island, Croatia

Numerous boat excursion companies run a whole range of boat trips departing from Krk to the surrounding islands and coastal attractions. One of the ways of finding the right excursion is to just stroll down to the waterfront and find representatives who will introduce you to their company’s offer. Another option is to ask in a tourist agency or at your accommodation (hotel or camping reception or your host in private accommodation). What can you see if you take a boat trip from Krk? A…Continue Reading “5 reasons to take a boat trip from Krk”

Taste the island of Krk

One of the best ways to discover a travel destination is by tasting it. The island of Krk is rich in culinary traditions, so you should not miss giving them a try. Are you wondering what exactly to taste when in Krk? We’ve picked a few recommendations for you. Whether you are a morning/breakfast person, someone who loves a good lunch, a dinner lover, or if you just want some cakes or ice cream; take this guide as a set of suggestions. 1.Breakfast For a…Continue Reading “4 recommendations to taste the authentic Krk”

Krk Story Outdoors Activities - Running

A variety of paths and trails surround the town of Krk. While the historical streets and beautiful beaches become quite crowded in the summer, taking a walk in the countryside is always a great idea. This guide will tell you a few ideas for how to make your day perfect. The island of Krk is well known for its beautiful and easy walking and biking routes, with lots of facilities and boards providing info on how long each trail will take if you walk it….Continue Reading “A complete Guide to the Paths and Trails around Krk”