5 reasons to take a boat trip from Krk

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Semi Submarines - Underwater World Discovery, Krk Island, Croatia

Numerous boat excursion companies run a whole range of boat trips departing from Krk to the surrounding islands and coastal attractions.

One of the ways of finding the right excursion is to just stroll down to the waterfront and find representatives who will introduce you to their company’s offer. Another option is to ask in a tourist agency or at your accommodation (hotel or camping reception or your host in private accommodation).

What can you see if you take a boat trip from Krk?

A complete guide

So, let’s take a look at what can be seen and observed during a boat excursion departing from Krk.

1) Impossible beaches

Beaches around Krk

The Croatian Adriatic coast is unique in many ways. One of them is the chance to see hidden beaches that are only accessible by boat, often vacant and with crystal clear waters.

Experienced holidaymakers who already know the island of Krk and the surroundings may look for a taxi boat to take them to a specific place, or you can ask your host for a recommendation. That way, you will have an exclusive and individual experience.

However, there is also something great in the ready-made swimming excursions, which usually include a trip through beautiful scenery, apart from being oriented on the destination – a specific beach.


2) Traditional fishing techniques

Fishing Nets

This is one of the things to try on culture trips. Would you like to learn something that is authentic to a place? Every little part of the huge Mediterranean area has its particular history and tradition when it comes to fishing. The shallow waters of the Northern Adriatic are different to the deeper seas, which enables particular fishing techniques and results. When in Krk, discover the traditional fishing techniques of the Kvarner area and Northern Adriatic.

There is more than one option for this experience; you can opt for a day fishing trip or you can join in some night fishing with onboard dinner made with fresh fish.


3) The underwater world

Underwater world - Krk, Croatia

This is short and simple. Semi-submarine tours provide unique views of the underwater world, pretty close contact with living creatures, and also the chance to go upstairs to the terrace and watch the scenery.

A tour can last from between half an hour and an hour, and you can choose a day scheme to see the sunlight reaching to the bottom of the sea, or you can go in the evening and enjoy the darkness with artificial light effects.


4) Bird games

Observing seagull at their habitat.

Who here is a fan of bird watching? If any of you are reading this post, we’d like to say that Krk is a great spot for this activity. Not the city itself, but when leaving the port on a boat trip, you may pass through a protected zone full of rare birds called griffon vultures. Furthermore, you may see the little islet where the seagulls nest and breed.

The exciting part of such a trip is the element of surprise – the birds show up unexpectedly and most boat trips have guides telling you interesting things about them.


5) Small uninhabited islands with amazing landscapes

Boat trips from Krk
Boat trip to secret beaches

With the bird islands and much more, there are plenty of things to fire your imagination. Small islands, without people, homes or drinkable water, some of them home to animals (For example, deer. There is one island with friendly, cute deer!) – these are entire miniature worlds to discover.


How to choose an excursion?

We know that there is a lot to choose from and try, but sometimes time is short – even to think about what to do. People who are passionate about fishing or birds will have no hesitation, however. If you have time for a day trip, we recommend anything with stops on the beaches, so you can try the so-called “real feeling of the Adriatic”, away from the crowds.

For those who are very short on time, the best thing is a semi-submarine ride. This is particularly good for families with young children, who will absolutely love to see the underwater world.


Keep in mind:

Check with the organisers if food and drink are provided during the trip. Take some good sun protection with you, because it’s easy to get sunburnt or fatigued during boat trips.

On swimming trips, the boat approaches the beach and anchors at a safe distance. Passengers can then get into the sea using stairs or by jumping in and swimming to the beach. Therefore, these trips may not be suitable for non-swimmers or children under 5 years of age.

Binoculars may be a great accessory for bird watching.

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