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This is a tailor-made article for everyone who can’t wait to be in the town of Krk. However, those who are active users of Instagram will absolutely love reading this. They are usually the kind of people who use Instagram as a private photo album, where they store their favourite memories. This is an article about Instagrammable moments in Krk.

While many holidaymakers who come to Krk already know the most beautiful places or moments in the town, many may «struggle» to find what they like most. What a sweet struggle!

To be honest, the whole island of Krk is a photogenic area. It’s not only beautiful, but is also memorable and perfect for creative photo shots. While focusing on the town of Krk, we’ll say something about the most photogenic sights of the town and the surrounding area.


  • The Castle

The Frankopan Castle should definitely be priority number one as a photogenic and enjoyable spot. Despite being relatively small in comparison with most castles you will visit when travelling, this one provides some magic. There is a number of views and perspectives that can be photographed as a memory, most of them being particularly attractive on Instagram.


  • The Glavotok Area

Those who stay at the Glavotok Campsite usually know about the area. In contrast to the lively town of Krk, this area is calm and appreciated by people who like trekking, biking and enjoying nature. It’s also a photogenic area, particularly when you notice a nice little beach overlooked by a Franciscan Monastery. A place to remember? Definitely.



  • Details from the Historical Area

Very small details are the heart and the soul of any Mediterranean town. Windows, doors, flowers, signs, you name it. Let your inspiration flow and remember what kind of detail made you smile when you were in Krk.



  • Around the Dražica Resort

We often get tons of likes and comments when we post pictures of this area on our Instagram or Facebook pages. A quick look at these pictures makes everyone nostalgic, especially off-season when remembering the beautiful summer days in Krk. There are plenty of photogenic spots, so it’s basically up to you what kind of photo you want in your Instagram feed.



  • Decumanus Street

Although we often post pictures of this street in the winter when it’s almost deserted, the most beautiful thing about it is that you can feel something like «Mediterranean city vibes», or whatever we can call it. Summer days and summer nights in Decumanus street have a particular magic. Remember this and compare it to other destinations on your travels.


  • Rural Areas

This is an alert for fans of road trips and biking: you will not regret exploring the rural areas around the town of Krk, away from the sea and beaches. Apart from the historic villages with old stone houses and old trees, there are plenty of popular restaurants in this area, many of them with very photogenic views as well as serving tasty food. Don’t miss that opportunity to make your holidays more wonderful.


  • Kamplin Park

The Kamplin Park can be called one of the most romantic areas on the island. Apart from its romance, it is fun in its own terms – how many children have tried to climb that funny tree and how many adults have stared through the old millstone? More than just being attractive for atmospheric pictures, this place is great for pictures of you and your loved ones.


  • Cathedral Belltower from all Perspectives

We don’t know if you, dear reader, have noticed it, but the Cathedral Tower is visible from all sides of the City of History and Culture. In most of these cases, it looks like a beautiful decoration on a birthday cake. You can even see it while swimming from many locations, if you are able to take a picture from the sea – we know it’s not easy but still, such picture will definitely be memorable.



  • Ježevac Beach Area

The cosy atmosphere of a little bay, especially when the sea is calm, makes this area particularly appealing. A few steps further beyond the dock, the beaches continue and, well, the previous point applies – the Belltower is visible from one of the funniest locations that exist in Krk. We all like to remember the fun experiences, right?


So it’s your turn. Capture a picture of one of these nine ideas, or something else you find that is even better, post it to your Instagram profile with the tag #krkstory and – keep an eye on your inbox. We’ll be happy to give you a gift for sharing your beautiful memories of Krk.

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