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Krk Story Outdoors Activities - Running

A variety of paths and trails surround the town of Krk. While the historical streets and beautiful beaches become quite crowded in the summer, taking a walk in the countryside is always a great idea. This guide will tell you a few ideas for how to make your day perfect.

The island of Krk is well known for its beautiful and easy walking and biking routes, with lots of facilities and boards providing info on how long each trail will take if you walk it. When the weather is fresh, in the spring or fall, walking by the sea is a perfect idea. When the summer comes and the weather gets too hot, there is an alternative to beach time and swimming – trails that penetrate deep into the island’s forests and cultural routes, away from the beach crowds.

Here is a short list of suggestions for a perfect day around the historical town of Krk. The routes are described using an experience-based approach and we suggest that you visit our tourist information centre (TIC) and pick up our handy paths and trails map, so you can easily see where the routes pass through and where the start points are.


  1. Walk by the sea and in the forest

Krk Story Outdoors Activities

Directly outside the walls, there is an easy walkway among the larger hotels and the beaches in front of them. These zones are usually very crowded in the summer, so we suggest that you go further afield into the pine forest. There is a nice network of walkways situated directly behind Camping Krk. The best way to start this route is by going above the camping site, to the starting point located close to the gas station. Parking is also available at that location.

There is no single straight path to take or any defined circle to make. There is a network of paths through the forest and two viewpoints that you cannot miss – one is overlooking the beaches of Punat and the other provides a lovely view of the little island of Košljun. Small secret beaches are included in this route. 😀

  1. The Olive Oil Route

Olive groves of Krk
In an olive grove.

The olive trees are one of the landmarks of the island of Krk. The city of Krk is completely surrounded by olive groves, which can easily be explored by following one of our two olive oil paths – cultural routes. Apart from the endless olive groves, these routes provide views of hidden archaeological heritage from ancient and medieval times, as well as several viewpoints. You will also have a unique opportunity to see the historical villages around Krk, such as Vrh (on the western route) or Lakmartin (on the eastern route). Various restaurants on this route will perfect the recreational and cultural experience of the olive oil route.

The “Western” route is longer and very easy to find; it starts at the Western edge of the old town of Krk, directly beyond the waterfront and the Krk bus station. It takes approximately 4 hours of non-stop walking, but some stops are strongly recommended. For instance, on this route you will find a lovable rural property called “Dvori sv. Jurja” – a restaurant that serves authentic local food.

Dvori sv. Jurja Krk
Dvori sv Jurja

Furthermore, the village of Vrh is a place for fans of prosciutto, as Krk’s central prosciutto house is located here. Vrh is also a village with great views over the surrounding landscape, where you will have no idea that you are on a small island and that the sea is not far away.

The “Eastern” route is shorter but not easier. Starting in the hilly zones of the upper residential area of Krk, it goes up into the hills as far as the villages of Muraj, Lakmartin and Kornić. At one point, it provides access to the beautiful trim track, as well as to the beach in the Bay of Punat.

These routes are not suitable for bikes at all, as there are a few difficult rocky zones that might be challenging even when walking or trekking. It’s also important to mention that these areas are full of ponds and springs, so be well prepared for wet soil and humid air, and protect yourself from mosquitos and other insects.

Both the olive oil routes have parking available at their starting points.

  1. To Glavotok eco-camping

Eco Camping Glavotok Krk
In the Glavotok eco-camping

Glavotok eco-camping is not as close to the centre of Krk as the other places mentioned in this article, therefore a walk from there to our old town and back could be an exhausting and time-consuming experience of at least 5 hours on a terrain that is not easily accessible by bike. However, there are many shorter options to satisfy the desires of our visitors who love to discover nature.

The whole area from Krk to Glavotok is a nice idea for a road trip by car on the tiny local roads. On the way from Krk to Glavotok is a series of villages, viewpoints and attractions that can be easily reached by car, while there are smaller paths at each location that are only suitable for walking, but taking no more than 1 hour for a round trip.


  1. Paved cycling trails

Cycling trails of the island of Krk
On a paved cycling trail
Cycling on Krk
Cycling around olives

There are kilometres of paved cycling trails along the main road from the north to the south of the island, at a safe distance from the cars. These trails may not be so exotic or provide such a close contact with nature and the wildlife, but they may serve well to travel from one place to another. For instance, it’s possible to reach the neighbouring municipality of Punat by bike from the centre of Krk and back, while it’s also possible to get to the villages of Kosić and Vrh from Krk by following safe and easy bike trails (though not entirely paved).

Some rules for trekkers, walkers and bikers:

Do not leave any litter behind and do not light fires;

Do not pick any plants or fruits (figs, grapes, etc.)

Do not chase or catch animals

Do not destroy or jump over the stone walls

Krk Story Outdoors Activities - Running


As well as mosquitos and similar insects, hikers should be aware of the island’s natural resident poisonous snake – the nose-horned viper. Watch how and where you step and do not go beyond the marked trails. It’s particularly important to avoid climbing on rocky hills and be careful when passing below the larger trees.

Don’t forget to dress well and use safe footwear with thick soles.

Bring at least 200-300 ml of water for every hour of walking.

Be sure to check the weather forecast.


Ask us for any further suggestions or ideas.

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Have a nice time in Krk and happy trekking – walking – hiking – biking!

A complete guide to trails, paths, and routes around the city of Krk, Croatia

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