Article 1

The website (hereafter: KrkStory) is the official blog of the City of Krk Tourist Board and serves the purpose of subscribing to the newsletter and giving symbolic gifts to guests visiting the destination.

Data from the registration process in our mailing database and the information that users leave on any application form on this page is not provided to third parties by KrkStory. User data will not be available to third parties unless such an obligation is regulated by the Law. KrkStory commits to protecting the privacy of the data of site users, except in the case of illegal activities by the user.

Article 2

KrkStory may, in accordance with the Law, collect certain technical information (cookies) about users that is provided during the use of the site (referring to the device from which the Internet is accessed, as well as Internet connection and the server).  Collecting this data is solely intended to improve the user experience.

Article 3

Users sign up to the KrkStory mailing list voluntarily and free of charge, and the purpose of the list is to enter the contest for winning daily prizes and prizes of the season provided by the Tourist Board. KrkStory sends newsletters several times a year for the purpose of informing users about events and the tourist offer. KrkStory does not misuse the data collected via unwanted e-mail (SPAM). Users who are subscribed to the mailing database will not receive content that they didn’t voluntarily decide to subscribe to.

In order to manage the mailing database and to send newsletters, we use reliable software with a compatible privacy policy and data protection. For more information, please contact us at info[at]krkstory[dot]com.

Article 4

There may be links to other sites on our site. We ask users to separately review the privacy policies of these sites because we cannot always guarantee them.

Article 5

You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time and the software we use to manage the mailing database guarantees a fast, easy and reliable unsubscribing process.

Article 6

If you are a winner of a daily prize or a main prize of the season, we may need more information, which you will send to us via the email address from which you will be contacted by info[at]krkstory[com]. For this data, the privacy policy of Article 1 applies.

Article 7

This privacy policy will enter into force on 7 July 2017 and it will be effective until we release succeeding policies and we commit to publishing a new date of entry into force for the new policy.