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Taste the island of Krk

One of the best ways to discover a travel destination is by tasting it. The island of Krk is rich in culinary traditions, so you should not miss giving them a try.

Are you wondering what exactly to taste when in Krk? We’ve picked a few recommendations for you. Whether you are a morning/breakfast person, someone who loves a good lunch, a dinner lover, or if you just want some cakes or ice cream; take this guide as a set of suggestions.

Sardines – an affordable idea for a tasty lunch or dinner 🙂


Volsonis Krk
Inside the Volsonis Secret Garden

For a beautiful summer morning, nothing is better than a lovely green terrace or garden, and a nicely served energy breakfast.

This 18th century building is home to the Stanić Art Gallery and Shop, while on the ground floor is an unusual cafeteria-cocktail bar with a – secret garden! The bar’s name is Volsonis. Even though it’s a great location for lunch or dinner, and also a night bar, we’d like to highlight the breakfast experience.

The garden offers shade and freshness, but if the day is really too hot and it’s already 11 when you come, the indoor part of the bar is really fresh.

What is offered? Depending on the day, there is always something interesting. From bread to jams, most ingredients are home-made and the recipes are traditional. There are nice sandwiches, large and small, while a range of omelettes are also on the menu.


Tasty surlice with goulash – a simple and authentic taste of the island.

How many times have you heard this bit of travel advice – eat where the locals eat? This is an evergreen travel rule. The “Galija” is a restaurant that is open all year, popular among locals, and – it has food choices for all possible tastes.

There is a variety of authentic seafood and meat choices here. We strongly recommend šurlice, a kind of pasta whose form and taste are authentic to the Croatian coast, while there is a recipe particular to the island of Krk. Šurlice may come with fish, meat and vegetable toppings. More than 30 types of first class pizza are offered, as well a range of salads and authentic desserts.

The restaurant is located in the upper part of Krk. However, it takes only about 7 minutes of walking slightly up to get here. We also recommend that you take a look on the beautiful Trg krčkih glagoljaša, a square with a beautiful church tower, trees, the local elementary school and the sports pavilion.

3.Snacks, sweets, and ice cream

Casa del Padrone, Krk
The Cake of all Cakes – Krčka kneginja

Directly on the waterfront of Krk, and a 5-minute walk from the nearest beaches, is the most loved “ice cream place” in the town. It is called Casa del Padrone. While enjoying exclusive views over the old town and the cathedral tower, you can have a snack, or a cake, or – some ice cream.

Casa del Padrone Krk
Casa del Padrone Morning View

There is one particular product offered at Casa, a cake called “Krčka Kneginja” which means “Duchess of Krk”. This is quite a strong cake, rich in ingredients such as chocolate, nuts and cream.


Romantic Dinner on the island of Krk, Croatia
Romantic dinner with a view at Dvori sv. Jurja.

If you go beyond the boundaries, you will surely find the “Dvori sv. Jurja” (meaning Saint George Court), a rural property with unforgettable views.

This is a popular dinner spot thanks to its romantic evening atmosphere. “Dvori” is located near some popular trails, therefore it can be an option for people who love to explore the island by walking.

The offer is simple and authentic, focused on barbeque, goulash, or “peka” (in the picture). All the meals are prepared using fresh local supplies by request, so reservation is compulsory.

Peka - Janjetina ispod peke
“Peka” is a traiditional way of preparing the lamb, beef, or even some types of seafood (octopus, for instance).

Alternatively, there is a similar property near Punat and Vrbnik. It’s an olive grove called “Ulika”, also with astonishing views of the coast.

All these recommendations were listed taking into account convenience, affordable prices, general popularity, and the requirements of average travellers/guests. There are other great cafeterias and restaurants in Krk, and you are free to tell us your favourites.



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