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Boat trips from Krk

This city of history and culture, Krk, is a seaside town. Unlike some other historical places on the island such as Vrbnik or Dobrinj, its connection to the sea is very close.

There is a maritime history to discover here. In the “Mala Barka” Interpretation Centre, visitors have a unique opportunity to learn about it and to find some funny curiosities. “Mala Barka” means “little boat” and it’s more than just an interpretation centre; it’s instead a gallery with a lot of explanation and stories.

There is a collection inside, and it belongs to a local man enamoured with the sea. He works in that space, so if you are lucky enough to come at the right time, you can meet him.

He collects the maritime history related trivia, and he also creates his own, unique wooden model boats, some of which are also in the gallery.

A lot of trivia is in this collection. The sailors’ clothes, dishes, and documents of history. There are fishermen’s stories, but also the era of tourism. Do you like to take boat trips around Krk? Here you’ll learn about guys who were first offering that kind of services.

Mala Barka Interpretation Center

I mean, look at “that little boat”? Isn’t it lovely?

How to find the “Mala Barka” interpretation centre? Easily.

It’s located right behind the Kamplin square. Look at the picture. The trees you see on the bottom of this street is that park with beautiful sea view, right next to the Frankopan Castle.

The Night Boat Dance

The second most remarkable night in Krk is the one when the Night Boat Dance occurs. While the nights of the Krk Fair – Lovrečeva occupy an obvious first place in such a “ranking”, this is maybe even more of a magical moment. Accompanied by the soft classical music, lots of traditional boats sail around the port of Krk in darkness, lit up just occasionally in a performing manner.

The Night Boat Dance occurs on August 15th – save the date…!

Night Boat Dance Krk Story

What else is interesting about Krk maritime history?

There is a story of a particular galley. It was a historic vessel that went into the Battle of Lepanto (today Greece) in 1571, one of the most crucial turning points in the history of Mediterranean. That galley had a name “Cristo Ressussitato” and belonged to the Krk Navy.

The Battle of Lepanto
The Battle of Lepanto by Andrea Vicentino (c. 1600, Doge’s Palace, Venice)

Every year at the beginning of October, there is a series of celebrations and an opportunity for visitors to learn about that one galley. It may have been just one vessel, one of many that went into the battle on the Venice side. However, in the history of Krk, it means that the tiny Adriatic island had some historical role in the big Mediterranean area.

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