7 things you may not know about Krk

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Castle Krk Story

Summer holidays are a great time to learn some fun facts. Let us introduce you to the lesser-known Krk.

1. The city of Krk is more than 3000 years old. It existed before the Roman Empire conquered the territories that include the island of Krk. Curiously, it was a big metropolis back then, one of the most important urban centres of the entire region. The Romans called the city “Splendidissima civitas Curictarum” obviously meaning “the Splendid city of Krk”.

Krk, Croatia

2. But why is it called Krk? How in the world can a word live without any vowels? Very often, because this is the Croatian language. Many Croatian words contain no vowels at all – “vrt” (garden) and “prst” (finger) are some of them. The Latin “Curicta” got its Croatian version, so the city became “Krk”. It’s all about linguistics; curious people can research for more information about that matter

3. The building at the Vela Placa (main square) is the old town hall. There is a clock on its outer wall, overlooking the square. What is unique about that clock? Well, it has all the 24 hours on its circle, with day hours being on the top half and the night hours on the bottom half of the ring.

4. If your time in Krk includes the dates between the 8th and 10th of August, you’ll enjoy the Krk Fair, also called “Lovrečeva” (named after Saint Lawrence, the patron of merchants). During the three evenings of the event, there will be a performance in front of the Castle, at the Kamplin Square. The performers impersonate the Dukes of Krk, to whom the Castle used to belong, a family that turned out to be one of the most powerful families of the Croatian lands throughout the XV, XVI and XVII centuries, also known as Frankopan family.

Frankopan Krk Fair

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5. The city’s most prominent symbol is the belltower. It was completed in 1515 and that information you probably didn’t know (neither the author of this text had known before working on it, laugh). The thing you may already know is that you can observe the city’s skylines, including the bell tower and the Castle while swimming around the nearby beaches. Take a break from the beach, and enjoy a visit to the Cathedral and the adjacent Saint Quirinus Church so you can feel like being in a City of History and Culture.

6. There is a place which is a restaurant&cocktail bar, but also a museum. Better to say, an archaeological site. When the cellar area bellow that XVIII building at Vela Placa was uncovered, they found a sequence of Roman infrastructures bellow. Nowadays it’s one of the most fabulous places in the shadow, to refresh during a hot summer day.

7. You may not know that the area around the city of Krk includes a lot of trekking and biking trails. The ultimate destination is the zone around the Monastery of Glavotok. There are several beautiful and not-very-crowded beaches around there.

Glavotok Krk Story

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